Technical Support

TOP TEN has been in the tape and disk storage industry for more than 30 years. The technical knowledge that we have gathered throughout these years makes us the best contact for your technical support needs. Our technicans can assist you with the complete process of error analysis, spare parts procurement and the replacement procedure of your defective storage devices.

We also offer to check the upgrade possiblities of your storage equipment free of charge. All of these services can be concluded in the name of your company if needed. We assure complete descretion including blind shipping. We also offer to check the upgrade possiblities of our storage equipement.

Our technical support can be booked on an hourly basis or as a complete backline support contract or regular maintenace contract - depending purely on your needs. We are happy to support you remote or on site.

Please contact our sales team at or +49-89-899616-0 to discuss all possible services that we may provide for you.