TOP TEN - Your Storage Technology Partner

We support our customers in data storage related matters since 1990. Originally founded to provide alternative interface connections for tape drives, the company has developed into one of the leading repair centers for tape storage hardware. Due to our know-how and our extensive supplier network we have been able to build up the largest stock for tape drives, autoloaders and spare parts worldwide. We supply our customers worldwide together with our US dependency which is located in Flanders, New Jersey with spare parts of all kinds for tape storage hardware. Our main focus is on stocking and supplying end-of-life technologies. Our product range spreads from ½” reel to reel systems from the 1990s to the state of the art LTO-8 drive with up to 30TB capacity per cartridge. We cover all units from single standalone tape drives up to large enterprise libraries such as the SUN SL8500 with a capacity of 10.000 pieces of media and 96 tape drives. We do not only supply you with the hardware, but also provide you with the service of error diagnostics of your system, the choice of spare part needed to fix your defective system and a free after sales support to accompany you during the installation process. Our services are well rounded off by our newly established test center for HDDs and SAN/NAS components. Which allows us to supply you with refurbished disk storage products in our renowned TOP TEN quality. With more than 50 employees worldwide and know-how from 25 years of experience, we are your first choice for all data storage related matters.



The turnaround for our repairs is 3 to 5 working days. Nearly all repairs are concluded at a fixed price. Please download and fill in the repair order form and ship it along with the device, so that we can ensure you the best possible service.


TOP TEN offers you the best quality possible. All drives are repaired to manufacturer specifications and you receive a warranty with each drive, covering the entire drive not only the repaired components.

Advance Exchange

You need a replacement for your defective device as soon as possible? Ask us for our advance exchange program. We will supply you with a spare part up front, you then return the defective part to us once the replacement has taken place. All at a cost efficient price point.

Cost Estimate

We offer cost estimates for all repairs free of charge. The analysis of your defective device and the concluding cost estimate are prepared within 1-2 working days.



Do you need a maintenance contract for existing hardware? No matter if your hardware is current, end-of-service or end-of-life.
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Technical Support

Do you have a defective system and you need an error analysis? We can offer you the error analysis together with the needed spare part to bring your system back online. We also offer you a free of charge after sales support for the installation of the spare part.

Data Recovery

Do you need to recover data? Please ask us for a free quote to recover data from your existing media. Alternatively, we also offer you the hardware to read back the data from old media yourself.
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Data Erasure

Would you like to securely erase data from your tape media or HDDs? We can offer you secure data erasure for all kinds of media and quantity.
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Spare Parts

Contact us if you need any spare parts to conclude a repair yourself. We offer pickers for libraries, power supplies, fans and magazines as well as all current media.

HDD Storage

We offer a wide selection of SAN and NAS Systems in varying configurations. As well as currently 12.000 tested hard drives and spare parts for your disk arrays from stock.

Tape Drives

We have the largest stock of tape drives in the world. We offer you the newest LTO-8 drive as well as DAT, DDS, DLT, SDLT, SAIT, AIT, 8mm, 3592, T10000, 9840 and 9940, Magstar, MLR, SLR, QIC, VS, VXA drives which sometimes have been end of life for more than a decade.

Tape Libraries / Autoloader

Are you looking for refurbished tape library? Contact us! We have a large number of refurbished Autoloaders available from stock, which can be configured according to your needs. Ranging from small 8-slot systems up to larger IBM 3584 or Oracle SL8500 Enterprise Libraries.