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Advance Exchange (Tape Storage)

If you need a replacement for your defective unit asap, then choose our Advance Exchange option. You will receive a replacement tape drive or spare part next business day.

Pricing for this option is well below our sales pricing, because we take back your defective device. The defective unit will be refurbished by our specialists and goes back into our stock for your next inquiry.

You will receive the best possible quality from us. All of our devices are fully refurbished and carefully tested. Each advance exchange unit is tested in their respective test environment and a screen shot of the test is saved by our tape specialists. You will receive up to 12 months warranty on our device, if you need more service options then please contact our sales hotline.

The link below will bring you to a selection of all the advance exchange products we have in our online store. If you cannot find the unit you are looking for then please contact our sales team at shop@toptenstorage.com or +49-89-899616-0.

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