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Refurbished Disk Storage

TOP TEN offers refurbished HDDs, spare parts and complete SAN- and NAS-Systems from stock. Refurbished means that all products have been completely overhauled by our disk storage specialists. Throughout this process, the hardware will undergo a short Health Test which generates all necessary information. The Information is then saved in our data base.

After completing the health test, the hardware undergoes stringent several days long testing to assure full functionality. Upon successfully completing these tests, the hardware is thoroughly cleaned and prepared for shipment.

All test reports generated throughout this process are saved and can be sent to you upon request. We also offer free phone support to assist our customers throughout the installation process and error analysis.

We ship our hardware in dedicated shipping material for the specific product line to ensure that no transport damages occur throughout shipping.

Please contact our sales staff for any additional questions you might have at shop@toptenstorage.com or at +49-89-899616-0. We look forward to assisting you.