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Refurbished Tape Storage

TOP TEN offers refurbished tape drives, autoloaders and spare parts from stock. Refurbished means that the products have been overhauled to bring them back to the original manufacturer specifications. During this process, the products are cleaned and tested by our tape storage specialists and all relevant information regarding the drives is saved in our ERP system.

All tape drives are additionally tested in a separate final test station which allows us to guarantee the functionality of our products. All tape drives which are for use in an autoloader are additionally tested in their specific loader environment, to assure ease of installation for our customers.

All test reports generated throughout this process are saved and can be sent to you upon request. We also offer free phone support to assist our customers throughout the installation process and error analysis.

We ship our hardware in dedicated shipping material for the specific product line to ensure that no transport damages occur throughout shipping.

Please contact our sales staff for any additional questions you might have at shop@toptenstorage.com or at +49-89-899616-0. We look forward to assisting you.