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TOP TEN - About the company

We have been supporting our costumers in the field of data storage already since 1990. In addition to our repair service, we offer sales and advanced exchanges of hardware.

TOP TEN is one of the leading repair centers for Tape Storage. Thanks to our know-how and our network of suppliers, we have managed over the years to establich the worldwide largest stock of tape drives, autoloader and spare parts.

Together with our subsidiary, in New Jersey, USA, founded in 2007, we supply our customers accross the world with spare parts for all tape storage products.

An important focus is the storing and sourcing of End-of-Life technologies. Therefore, our product portfolio ranges from the ½ inches Reel to Reel Systems from the 1990's to the recent LTO-8 drives with 30TB capacity.

We can offer single drives for the backup of small servers, as well as large Enterprise Libraries like the SL8500 with 10.000 cartridge slots and 96 tape drives.

In addition to supplying the hardware, we also help you with the error diagnostics, select the spare parts and during the installation through our free after sales support.

With our 50 employees worldwide and the Know-How of more than 25 years of experience, we are your first contact in the field of data storage.