Fujitsu S26361-F5543-L124 2.4TB SAS HDD 2,5" SFF 10k

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Technical data
Manufacturer Fujitsu
Model S26361-F5543-L124
Item condition Refurbished – Used hardware which has been refurbished and extensively tested by our technicians. Test reports are available for each item. More...
Standard Warranty for the purchase 90 days
Capacity 2,4TB
Form Factor 2,5" SFF - Small Form Factor
Rotations per Minute 10000 RPM
Interface SAS
Tray included? Yes
Configured for Primergy RX / TX. We can check the compatibility for you upon request.
Fujitsu Product List AU254M5-RX2540M5 ; AU47M5-RX4770M5 ; PRIMERGY CX2550 M6 ; CX2560 M4 ; CX2560 M5 ; CX2560 M6 ; CX2570 M5 ; RX1330 M3 ; RX1330 M4 ; RX2510 M2 ; RX2520 M4 ; RX2520 M5 ; RX2530 M4 ; RX2530 M5 ; RX2530 M6 ; RX2540 M4 ; RX2540 M5 ; RX2540 M6 ; RX4770 M4 ; RX4770 M5 ; RX4770 M6 ; TX1320 M3 ; TX1320 M4 ; TX1330 M3 ; TX1330 M4 ; TX2550 M4 ; TX2550 M5
Weight 400 g

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